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By law, the Council must produce and publish details of its financial affairs which are subject to internal financial controls, internal and external audit inspection. The Council produces the following reports:

Statement of Receipts and Payments – all monies received and paid out during the financial year.
Income and Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet and Supporting Statements – this is a record of all amounts received and expected to be received, and expenditure incurred, but not yet paid. This is a requirement under the statutory legislation.Annual Return provides evidence to local residents that the Council’s accounts have beeninspected and found to reflect accurately the Council’s financial position. This Return includes an assurance from the Council as a corporate body of its awareness of its responsibility for its financial affairs, and that it meets its requirements for accountability for public money.
Annual Report.- The Council produces each year an Annual Report of its activities for the preceding year. This includes an overview of the year from the Chairman of the Council for that year, and reports from each of the Committee Chairmen. A Summary of the Council’s accounts for the year just ended is also included.
Budget:- 90% of the Council’s planned expenditure will be funded by its precept. Formulating the budget is, therefore, crucial to its day-to-day operations. Without adequate funding, it will not be able to meet its financial obligations. The Budget is prepared by the Council’s Responsible Financial Officer, following discussions by each of the Committees. As explained earlier, the Council, as a corporate body, takes the formal decision to approve and adopt the budget.
Code of Conduct:- This Members’ Code of Conduct is intended to promote high standards of behaviour amongst the elected and co-opted members of the council by re-inforcing their values in public life.
Bretton Gazette:- During 2004-05, the Council introduced a new service for its electors. The Council now produces a quarterly newsletter, the Bretton Gazette, giving news and information about Council activities, contact details for all Councillors, and seeking views from local residents. This is distributed to all households in the Bretton. As with the Annual Report, if this publication is not arriving at your house, please let the Council know.

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