By law, the Council must produce and publish details of its financial affairs which are subject to internal financial controls, internal and external audit inspection. The Council produces the following reports:

Statement of Receipts and Payments – all monies received and paid out during the financial year.

Income and Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet and Supporting Statements – this is a record of all amounts received and expected to be received, and expenditure incurred, but not yet paid.

Annual Report.
- The Council produces each year an Annual Report of its activities for the preceding year.

Budget:- 90% of the Council’s planned expenditure will be funded by its precept.

Code of Conduct:- This Members’ Code of Conduct is intended to promote high standards of behaviour amongst the elected and co-opted members of the council by re-inforcing their values in public life.

Bretton Gazette:- The Council now produces a quarterly newsletter, the Bretton Gazette

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