Chairpersons message + Aims and Objectives:
Developed by the council as part of the changes in council structure
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme:
as required by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Publication Schemes
Publication Scheme Guide 2009:
to make information available to the public as part of its normal business
Complaints/Grievance Procedure Policy:
a standard and formal procedure for considering complaints
Standing Orders:
that govern the conduct and procedures of meetings
Financial Regulations:
how expenditure is authorised and incurred
Members’ Code of Conduct:
a code of conduct by which all Members must agree to abide
Risk Assessment:
relating to Bretton Parish Council
Brettton Equality Act  
Diversity and Equality Policy

Bretton Parish Council have adopted the above Model Publication Scheme as
recommended by the Information Commissioner.

This Model Publication Scheme can be downloaded here.