The Council’s mission is to improve the quality of life of the residents of the Bretton district

The Council aims to give added value to the residents of, and visitors to, Bretton

The Council’s objectives are to represent and consult the residents of the
Bretton to the best of its ability and knowledge.
To work in partnership, wherever possible with other organisations with agencies with other authorities.
To support and promote sustainable community development (economic, social, cultural and environmental).
To preserve the special identity of the Bretton and to promote its heritage.
To embrace diversity in all its aspects.
To create a socially inclusive and caring community.
To be a caring employer.

Report of the chairman to the Annual meeting of Bretton Parish Council 2008
It has been a varied year in what has come before the council. Some issues have moved
very slowly but on others progress is more tangible.
The support for voluntary overtime of PCSOs has been welcomed. The hours are being
used to increase high visibility policing generally throughout Bretton but with specific
problem areas targeted. Numerous stop and searches have been carried out with good
The environmental warden pilot project moved forward during the year and by the end of
the year we were told this was going ahead. This warden will be based in Bretton and in
addition to any cover from the city team. Their role is to carry out all the duties under the
CN&E Act, fly-tipping, litter, dog control and graffiti. The warden should be in post in
the New Year and an enforcement office from the city team will also be covering Bretton.
The council was told at the end of the year that work would start on the Multi User
Games Area in Manton in the New Year and the skate park will follow.
Some of the other business at meetings has included giving grants to the Bunnies in the
Burrow, the Copeland Friendship club and Victim Support. Planning applications have
been considered, some have been straightforward and others have been more contentious.
It is pleasing when the outcome goes our way. We have heard presentations on
community related issues, Cross Keys plans for Heltwate, the Pulse Healthy Living
Centre and reports from the police. On the former, Cross Keys are looking at the present
ideas in light of the feedback and a planning application has yet to be submitted.
Consultations have been taken part in, such as with the Standards Board on the model
code of conduct and on the Statement of Community Involvement by the city council
going to the enquiry to put our submission.
Some of the parish council’s own initiatives have included Bretton 2010 with the Cresset.
This has been joined by other organisations concerned about issues in Bretton and who
thought more could be achieved by acting together than alone. By the end of the year we
had consultants doing a spatial study. Nothing decided but a way of finding out what the
options are so that the community can be better informed. We are shortly to hear more
about that.
Bretton Festival is another example of where some councillors have worked very hard.
This has been growing and attracting increasing interest.
Movement on the Parish office has been very slow but councillors joining the council in
2007 wished to look at again at what was being planned.
With the Gazette there have been issues with distribution, delivery and whether residents
find it in the other mail distributed with it.
I feel the important thing is the work that the parish council can do and we are moving
forward on a number of projects.