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Are you a member of or do you attend any of the following:-
Nursery, Mum & Tots Group, Youth Club, Sports Club, Pensioner Club, Charitable Organisation, Voluntary Group etc.
Does your group need money for anything?

If you do then Bretton Parish Council could help!!!
Bretton Parish Council is able to grant money to financially assist non-profit making organisations within Bretton where, in the Council's opinion, the money granted would actively benefit residents of Bretton as a whole. The Council is looking for projects with vision from all of the many diverse groups within the Community of Bretton as a whole.

If you want some more information or just want to ask a question about the grants then contact the Clerk who is more than willing to explain the very painless application process.
Frequently asked questions-

Who can apply?
Voluntary groups and societies, clubs, not-for-profit organisations, charities operating in the Bretton Parish where the benefit will be for the Parish, schools, playschools, etc.

Who cannot apply?

What does the Council give grants for?
Capital projects, such as the purchase of equipment, works to buildings, improvements to premises. The Council does not normally give grants towards running costs, salaries or consumables. The Council may support special events - either because it is for a special occasion (such as a centenary), or is unlikely to happen again.

Are there any criteria or conditions?

The Council does have a set of criteria which can be downloaded above. This gives more details about how the grant scheme operates. Grant recipients are expected to provide a report to the Council on how the grant has been spent; this report may be in person to the Council, or may appear in the Council's newsletter, or on its website. Grants will not be payable to or for any commercial venture for private gain. If a Club has permanent bar premises from which it can raise an income, award of a grant will be at the Council's discretion.

How much is likely to be given?
At the discretion of the Council, having taken into account the request for funding, and whether they have power to do so. may grant up to a maximum of 100% of the approved request.

How often are grant applications considered?
At every meeting of the Finance Committee - presuming applications have been received. Completed applications must be received at the Council's offices at least 8 days before the date of the meeting, to allow checks to be carried out as to completeness and to obtain any further information that may be necessary. Completed applications must be accompanied by the latest completed set of accounts for the organisation, club, school, etc.

How do I apply? Download your application form

Application forms may be downloaded from this page or from obtained from the Council's office.
Please read the list of criteria before completing a form, and remember to include a set of accounts. Dates of the Finance Committee meetings will also be found on the website; there are usually 10 meetings during the civic year. See Meetings page for details of scheduled meetings

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